Beginners Tai Chi Book

The Body Parts of Tai Chi by Master James Wong Wai Kwong. Written as a guide for beginners in Tai Chi Chuan wanting to understand the important body parts to be aware when practicing Tai Chi Chuan and how they work. Excellent easy to understand information that will help the novice and beginner practioner.

Content covered: Head, Eyes,Tongue,Chest and Back,Shoulders,Elbows,Palms and Fingers,Fists,Abdomen & Waist,Pelvis, Knees and Feet

Master James Wong is a long term practioner of Chinese Martial Arts from Hong Kong, he has a backgrond in Northern Shaoln Kung Fu but for the past 27 years has focussed his time and energy into mastering Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

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Beginners Tai Chi Book

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